The Assyrian Metropolis

“All roads lead to Nineveh”


Become a master of the Assyrian Alap-Bet

The following videos will guide you through the proces of learning the Assyrian alphabet. There will be an excel worksheet available to download in order to practice all this theory. In Episode One the following elements will be discussed: general information about the alphabet, the first five letters (Alap-Heh) of the alphabet, 2 Eastern vowels, […]

Must-reads for every Assyrian

The following list will be updated regularly. Make sure you’re subscribed for updates! Title Topic Author Reforging a Forgotten History: Iraq and the Assyrians in the Twentieth Century History Sargon Donabed Assyrians post-Nineveh: identity, fragmentation, conflict and survival: A study of Assyrogenous communities History Racho Donef Assyrians: The Continuous Saga History Fred Aprim The Assyrians […]

The modern Assyrian regions

In this article the modern Assyrian regions will be defined and described. An Assyrian region is a region which has or had a large Assyrian population and where the Assyrian culture dominated for centuries. There are six big regions that form Assyria. Four Eastern regions: Nineveh Plains, Hakkari, Urmia, Qardu. Two Western regions: Tur-Abdin and […]

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